Gluten Free Menu

Light Meal or Starter

Soup 3.70
Our soup is home made served with Soda bread
If you want to make a meal of it try a hearty bowl 4.65


Avocado and Poached Egg on Soda Bread 5.95
Crushed Avocado on toasted soda bread topped with a poached egg


Chicken Liver Pate 5.25
Our own pate served with green salad and oatcakes


Pancakes and Bacon 7.80
3 warm Pancakes piled with bacon and drizzled with maple syrup


Garlic Mushroom Brioche 5.60
Toasted brioche topped with garlic mushrooms


Petit Lunch

Soup and Sandwich 8.25
Choose a soup and sandwich
Tuna and spring onion, ham and mustard, cheese and chutney, chicken mayo and pepper

Something Hot

Chilli Beef and Rice 8.95


Cheese and Bacon Burger (6oz) 10.50
In a brioche bun, salad, chips, chutney


Gammon Steak 9.70
with chips, salad



An open sandwich soda bread or toast


Cream Cheese 6.95
topped with crushed avocado and bacon crumbs


Smoked Salmon 7.75
with lemon dill, radish, apple and capers


Chicken Breast 8.25
in Mayo with red pepper


Chunky Egg Mayo 7.95
topped with norwegian prawns and capers


Melted Brie, Crispy Bacon & Gherkins 8.25
drizzled with maple syrup

Salad Bowls (with chips )

Smoked Salmon and King Prawn 9.90
drizzled with a Moroccan orange dressing


Avocado and Feta Cheese 9.90
with a Wholegrain mustard dressing


Spicy Cajun Chicken and Crispy Bacon 9.90
with a balsamic dressing



Seafood Platter 10.95
A selection from smoked salmon, salmon mousse, prawns, smoked trout. With a selection of dressings and salad


Cheese and Ham Platter 9.85
A selection of cheeses including French Brie, Scottish Blue, English Cheddar, sliced Smoked ham with oatcakes and homemade Spiced Appple chutney

Baked Potatoes

Mature cheddar and our own coleslaw 5.99

Chicken mayo with red pepper 6.85

Tuna mayo with spring onion 6.50

Chilli beef 7.25

Prawn with lemonmayo 7.35


Something Sweet

Spiced apple muffin 2.60

White chocolate cranberry muffin 2.60

Warm banana loaf 2.35

Pancakes, butter, jam 2.30

Almond apricot meringue 4.50

Sticky toffee pudding with hot toffee sauce 3.95