Children's Menu

Bowl of Soup 2.30
Choice of today’s soup in a child size portion,
with crusty bread


Melon Boat or Fresh Fruit 1.95
A simple wedge of melon
Or a selection of chopped fresh fruit


Garlic Bread 1.50
Bread toasted with garlic butter


Chicken Goujons 4.75
Whole pieces of breaded chicken, with chips and
a pot of beans or coleslaw


Oliver’s Platter 3.99
A selection of ham, cheese, crisps and
fresh fruit


Fish and Chips 4.95
A small breaded haddock served with chips and peas

Pizza 3.55

Cheese and tomato with chips and a pot of beans or


Macaroni Cheese  3.60
served with chips


Burger 3.70
with cheese and chips


Filled Roll 1.85
with cheese or ham


Ice Cream 2.25
Ice cream and chocolate or strawberry sauce


Available only for children under 12 years of age


Where possible we will serve small portions from the main menu